The Ivan Franko International Prize was awarded in Drohobych

On the occasion of the 165th anniversary of Ivan Franko’s birth, a solemn award ceremony of the Ivan Franko International Prize took place in Drohobych for the sixth time.

Leonid Tymoshenko, a professor at the Ivan Franko Drohobych Pedagogical University, was given the highest award in the humanities. Professor Tymoshenko received the Ivan Franko International Prize in 2021 for the monograph “Ruthenian religious culture of Wilno. Context of the epoch. Hubs. Literature and book-learning (the 16th to the first third of the 17th century)”.

In 2021, the Ivan Franko International Prize was also claimed by:

– collective monograph ed. by Alfredas Bumblauskas, Salvijus Kulevičius, Ihor Skochylias. «At Сultural Сrossroads: The Holy Trinity Church and Monastery in Vilnius» (presented by the Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv);

– Oksana Kis (Ukraine) with the monograph “Survival as Victory: Ukrainian Women in the Gulag” (presented by the Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA).

Congratulatory remarks were made by: Vitaliy Zahaynyi, Deputy Head of Lviv Regional State Administration; Mayor of Drohobych Taras Kuchma; Professor Mykola Lukyanchenko, Acting Rector of Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University; Ihor Kurus, Director of the Ivan Franko Fund; Professor Volodymyr Bugrov –  rector of  KyivTaras Shevchenko National University.

On behalf of the Board of the Ivan Franko International Foundation, the rector of KNU Volodymyr Bugrov expressed his sincere gratitude and presented certificates to the members of the International Jury.

The organizers also thanked the benefactors who helped to form the award fund.

Throughout the evening, songs based on works by Ivan Franko were performed by the Honored Carpathian Song and Dance Ensemble of Ukraine “Verkhovyna” and Drohobych Municipal Chamber Choir “Lehenda”.

The event was dedicated to the cherished memory of the founder and chairman of the board of the Ivan Franko International Fund, the last grandson of Ivan Franko – Roland Franko.

We would like to mention that the Ivan Franko International Prize was established by Roland Franko in 2015 to encourage scholars from around the world to conduct relevant research in the social sciences and humanities and Ukrainian studies that express the humanistic, national, spiritual state-building meaning for the knowledge and approval of the scientific and cultural heritage of Ukraine in the global context and to promote the study of the creative, scientific and social activities of Ivan Franko.

Over the years of its existence the Ivan Franko International Prize was claimed by 107 scholars and 11 author groups from Ukraine, Austria, Italy, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, the USA, Finland, Spain, Georgia, Israel, Poland and Serbia.

Organizers of the event: Ivan Franko International Fund with the support of the European Union and the International Renaissance Foundation within the grant component of the EU4USociety project, in partnership with Drohobych City Council, Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University and State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve “Naguyevychi”.

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