Nominations for Significant Personal Contribution to the Development of Social Sciences. Archive 2016



Аuthor: Victoriya Durkalevich

робота В.Дуркалевич

The monograph was published in 2015. 60×84/16; 364p.

Аuthor: Rostyslav Konta

робота Р.Конти 1

The monograph was published in 2014. 60×84/16; 454p.

Аuthors: Yuriy Makar; Mychailo Hornyi; Vitaliy Makar, Anatoliy Saliuk – co-author of Volume I.

робота Макара 2

Monograph published in the third volume in 2011-1015rr. Volume I – 880 p .; Volume II – 900 p .; Volume III – 960 p. Format 60х84/16

Аuthor: Polina Gerchanivska

робота П.Герчанівської

The  Dictionary was published in 2015 Format 60х84/16; 439p.

Аuthor: Lubomyr Husar

Гузар про Шептицького 496 стор.

The  book was published in 2015. 496p.; 70×108/16

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