To the 166th anniversary of Ivan Franko’s birth

On August 27, 2022 on the 166th anniversary of Ivan Franko’s birth, a Panel discussion – “National belonging of intangible cultural heritage of the 18th-20th centuries: theory and practice” – will be held in Naghuyevichy and Drohobych. During the event, we are going to develop methodological recommendations and criteria for the classification of iconic figures to the Ukrainian cultural and historical heritage.
Scholars from Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Romania and Ukraine will take part in the event. Among the main speakers are:   Giovanna Brogi (Milan),  Michael Moser (Vienna), Olenka Pevny (Cambridge), Victoire Feuillebois (Strasbourg), Stefan Purici (Suceava), а також Volodymyr Bugrov (Kyiv), Vladyslav Berkovskyi (Kyiv), Yaroslav Harasym (Lviv),  Natalia Kryvda (Kyiv), Ihor Svarnyk (Lviv), Taras Vintskovskyi (Odesa), Iryna Sklokina (Lviv), Ihor Serdyuk (Poltava), Andriy Shevchenko (Kyiv) and other famous scientists and public figures.
The panel discussion “National affiliation of the intangible cultural heritage of the 18th-20th centuries: theory and practice” will have 3 parts:
1. Ukrainian experience of decommunization and decolonization of the national pantheon (practical cases).
2. Culture of memory, imperial heritage and debatable figures (experience of other countries – the Republic of Poland, Austria, UK, Italy, Romania, France).
3. Historical figures and their identification in modern and future Ukraine.
To participate in the Panel discussion you can sign up via the link:
The Panel discussion will take place “live” and online.
Co-organizers and partners of the event:
Ivan Franko International Found, Drohobytsk City Council, International Association of Ukrainianists, Taras Shevchenko National University Kiev, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Drohobych State Pedagogical University, State Historical and Cultural Reserve «Naguevichi», Kyiv museum of prominent figures of Ukrainian culture, All-Ukrainian Association of Teachers of Ukrainian Language and Literature.
Information partners: Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, Media Center Ukraine, Gal-info Information Agency.

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