How to get the Ivan Franko International Prize in 2019?

The Ivan Franko International Fund will accept research papers for the Ivan Franko International Prize from January 15 to March 1, 2019.

As in previous years, the prize will be awarded in two nominations: for significant achievements in the field of Ukrainian studies and for significant achievements in the field of social and humanitarian sciences. The Prize Committee will accept research papers published in 2016-2018 which are to have an ISBN. Submissions for the prize will be accepted from academic institutions, higher educational establishments of Ukraine and countries of the world with which Ukraine has diplomatic relations, as well as from the laureates of the Prize of previous years.

In order to participate in the competition, the following papers must be sent to the Fund:

  1. a) decision of the academic institution, higher educational institution on the submission of the research paper for the Prize;
  2. b) information about a person(s) whose research paper(s) is submitted for the Prize, with contact details of the Prize nominee(s);
  3. c) research paper (research, monograph, dissertation, book, lecture cycles) of at least 6 printer sheets, which must contain names of reviewers and a bibliography on the research topic;
  4. d) research paper is submitted in 3 printed copies, as well as in PDF format, with the right to distribute the research paper to members of the nomination committees, members of the Expert Council and the jury;
  5. e) extended abstract of the research paper submitted for the Prize in Ukrainian and English;
  6. e) personal written consent of the author(s) the research paper to participate in the competition for the Prize.

Details on the terms of participation in the Prize competition can be found on the Fund’s website:  Please, send the research papers for the Prize at the following postal address: 01034, Kyiv, 48a Volodymyrska Street, office 15; the accompanying documents – at the e-mail address:

The Ivan Franko International Prize is awarded annually. The ceremony of awarding the laureates takes place on August 27 – on Ivan Franko’s birthday.

   In 2016, his Beatitude Lubomyr Husar, Major Archbishop Emeritus of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Cardinal of the Catholic Church, became the first laureate of the Ivan Franko International Prize. In 2017, Michael Moser, Professor of Vienna University, President of the International Association of Ukrainian Studies, became laureate in the nomination “For Significant Achievements in the Field of Ukrainian Studies.” In the nomination “For Significant Achievements in the Field of Humanities and Social Sciences” the award was given to Academician Oleh Shabliy, honorary professor of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. In 2018, Yaroslava Melnyk, Professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv) and the Ukrainian Free University (Munich), became laureate in the nomination “For Significant Achievements in the Field of Ukrainian Studies,” and Johannes Remy, Associate Professor of East European History at the University of Helsinki, won in the nomination “For Significant Achievements in the Field of Humanities and Social Sciences.”

   We recall that the Ivan Franko International Prize was launched by the Ivan Franko International Fund in 2015. It was founded by Roland Franko the grandson of the Ukrainian scholar. In 2016 and 2017, the prize fund comprised 500,000 UAH; in 2018 – 400,000 UAH. The Prize fund is formed by charitable donations. In addition to the monetary portion of the Prize, the Laureates are awarded with diplomas and golden medals.


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