Nomination for Significant Personal Contribution

to the Development of Social Sciences

  • Yuriy Makar, Mychailo Hornyi, Vitaliy Makar, Anatoliy Saliuk – co-author of Volume I (Chernivtsi, Ukraine)

робота Макара 2

The monograph “From Deportation to Deportation. Social and Political Life of the Ukrainians of Kholmshchyna and Pidlishia (1915-1947) Reserch. Memories. Documets. 

Monograph published in the third volume in 2011-1015rr). Volume I – 880 p .; Volume II – 900 p .; Volume III – 960 p. Format 60х84/16

  • Barikova Anna (Kyiv, Ukraine)



The monograph was published in 2016. Format 60×90/16;  223 page.

  • Moshe Taube a collaborative effort with Prof. William F. Ryan (Jerusalem, Israel)

18279856_1328505667239360_1367127099_n (1)

The monograph  THE LOGIKA OF THE JUDAIZERS. A Fifteenth-Century Ruthenian Translation from Hebrew.  The monograph was published in 2016 724 page.

  • Sofia Bonkovska (Lviv, Ukraine)


The monograph “The sacred angioplasty of Ukrsine-Rus. The sacred diskoses and chalikes. The end of the 10th-16th  centurios”.

The monograph was published in 2014 Format 60х90/8, 590 рage.

  • Zoriana Kisil (Lviv, Ukraine)


The monograph  “Legal and psychological principles of prevention of professional deformation of law enforcement agencies”. 

The monograph was published in 2016 Format 60х84/16, 848 page.

  • Oleh Shabliy (Lviv, Ukraine)


Сientific work «Social Geography»  of 2 books.

The books was published in 2016. Formaт 70х100/16. Book one – 814 page, Book two – 706 page.

Nomination for Contribution to the Development of Ukrainian Studies

  • Yevhen Nakhlik (Lviv, Ukraine)

робота Є. Нахліка 1

The monograph “Ivan Kotliarevskyi’s Travestied World: Text-Intertext-Context”.

The  Monograph was published in 2015;. Format 70×100 1/16, 543 page.

  • Michael Moser (Wien, Austria)


The monograph  «New Contributions to the History of the Ukrainian Language”.

The  Monograph was published in 2016 Format 60х90/16, 668 page.

  • Inna Tsaralunha (Khmelnytsky, Ukraine)


Сientific work  “Records of Vyzhva City Register of the XVII century”.

The  book was published in 18.06.2015. Format 80х90/16, 170 page.

  • Vitalii Telvak and Vasyl Pedych (Drogobych, Ukraine) 


The monograph “Mykhailo Hrushevsky Lviv Historical School”.

The monograph was published in 2016. Format 70×100/16, 440 page.

  • 5. Hryhoriy Vasianovych (Lviv, Ukraine)


“Prometeus Spirit”. The Collection of scientific works.

The Collection of scientific works was published in in 2016. Format 60х84/16, 120 page.

  •       6.Vasyl Ilnytskyi (Drogobych, Ukraine)


The monography: “The OUN Carpathian region in ukrainian liberation movement (1945–1954)”.

The Monograph was published in 2016 Format 79х100 1/16, 696 page.

  • 7.Kupchynska Zoryana (Lviv, Ukraine)


The monograph “Archaic Place Names Stratigraphy of Ukraine”.

The  Monograph was published in 2016. Format 84×108 1/16, 56 charts, 1278 page.

  • 8.Serhiychuk Vladimir (Kyiv, Ukraine)


The monograph “Famine of 1932-33 as a genocide of Ukrainians”.

The  Monograph was published in 2016. Format 84×108 1/32.  320 рage.

  • Author and chief of the project, its scientific editor Dr. Yaroslava Koniev (Olsztyn, Poland)


The monograph “Culture of the Ukrainians in Warmia and Mazury: tradition and modernity (cultural-ethnological research)”.

The  Monograph was published in 2016. 370 page.

  • Victor Karpov (Lviv, Ukraine)

The monograph «Ukrainian Courage in Symbols».

The  Monograph was published in 2016.  421 page.

  • Andriy Temchenko (Cherkasy, Ukraine)


The monograph  «Traditional Mantic Practices: the Archaic of the Sign System Scientific study».

The stady was published in 2015. Format 60х841/16. 111 page.

  • Andriy Temchenko (Cherkasy, Ukraine)


The monograph «Traditional healing spells: semantic transformations and rite paradigms».

The monography was published in 2014. Format 60х84 1/16. 572 page.

  • Nestor Myzak, Andrii Yaremchuk (Chernivtsi, Ukraine)


The monograph “Two Centuries of service to GOD and Nation: UGCC  Bukovina”.

The monograph was published in 2016. Format 84×108/16; 320 page.

  • Nataliia Stoliarchuk (Lutsk, Ukraine)

The textbook “The Ukrainian avant-garde of the twentieth century”. 

The textbook was published in 2016. Format 60×84 1/16. 182 page.

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