The exhibition of artistic works by Ivan Franko’s son Taras was opened in Kyiv

Exhibition opening took place on September 5 at 12 pm on the sidelines of the third floor of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. “Taras Franko’s wheel of history” exhibition was prepared by Ivan Franko International Fund, it contains 58 paintings of different genres.

When opening the exhibition, Taras’ son – Roland Franko – mentioned that very few people in their family knew about his father’s painting hobby. Therefore, these painting are a discovery for him as well.


As Ihor Kurus, Fund Director, stated, the exhibition featured artistic works that have been unknown to the public before.

“The exhibition provides an opportunity to look into the interwar period in Ukraine, and see the part of Ukraine from various angles with the eyes of Ivan Franko’s son Taras – from humorous plots, urban landscapes, portraits to social and political author’s reflections”, Ihor Kurus stated.


In his turn, Vice-Rector of Lviv National Academy of Arts, art history PhD Roman Yatsiv noted that Taras Franko’s painting practices have not been compared to his other activities before. However, drawings and paintings thatwere saved, present something more than just regular hobby or a claim for the expansion of the author’s intellectual format as one of his genius father descendants. It is a sort of auto reflection of the events, to which he was a contemporary.

“The collection of works by Taras Franko exhibited at the exhibition is a significant and integral part of his intellectual portrait and considerably increases understanding of Franko bloodline genius in the broader format of philosophical ideas and spiritual values paradigm”, Roman Yatsiv pointed out.


The exhibition is open until September 15.

Zenon Franko from the USA who visited Ukraine during Franko anniversary celebration, people’s deputies Oksana Bilozir and Oleh Bereziuk also took part in the exhibition opening.

Ivan Franko International Fund was established in June 2015. This is a non-governmental charitable organization. Fund activities are aimed at supporting the development of Ukrainian studies and social and humanitarian sciences, promotion and popularization of the scientific and creative heritage of Ivan Franko. Fund’s priority and main task is to establish and implement the International Ivan Franko Award and promote its global recognition.

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