Meeting of the International jury of the Ivan Franko International Prize

The name of the winners of the Ivan Franko International Prize will be named after interdisciplinary scientific discussion of the International jury to will be held on June 23-25, 2017 at the University of Vienna (Austria).

The objectives of the jury include determining the award winner in two categories:“For significant achievements in the field of Ukrainian Studies” and “For significant achievements in the field of social and humanitarian sciences”.

During session of the jury every academic paper-nominee shall be summarized by a jury member in the form of a scientific report.Jury members discuss submitted scientific papers in the interdisciplinary discussions with the analysis of reliability, validity and mastering.

Prize winners have to comply with position of Ivan Franko, expressed during his life: “this work is thoroughly critical, the work of a cold mind, inspired by a great idea of entirety and originality…”

The jury members select winners based on own knowledge, assess professional competence in the scientific field and international level of scientific achievements. Comparison of scientific papers is performed based on interdisciplinary basis. Nomination “for significant personal contribution to development of social and human sciences” also assesses the individual contribution of the author of scientific paper in the development of social and human sciences.

The decision on the winner of the Prize is taken during the secret ballot, a ballot for which contains all scientific papers-nominees of one category.

The Prizing ceremony will be held on September 27 at the birthplace of Ivan Franko –Drogobych City. The Prize Winners are granted with monetary remuneration and golden sign. In 2017, the prize fund amounts to 500 hundred thousand hryvnias.

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