The Apartment – Museum of the family of Ivan Franko has been opened in Kyiv

The Ivan Franko International Fund opened the Apartment – Museum of the family of Ivan Franko in Kyiv on November 25, 2016  and presented the exhibition of the pictures of Taras Fanko.It shall be noted that the Museum has been established upon the initiative of the grandson of Ivan Franko, Roland.

The Museum was opened in the apartment, where the family of Taras Franko was resettled by the Soviet government out of Lviv in 1949.nThe exposition of the Museum includes the original furniture, documents, books, photographs of the family of Franko and the pictures of Taras Franko painted by him during the period from 1932 to 1970.

The Museum consists of two halls, where the archive documents, photographs from the family archive are kept. There is a memorial room partially displaying the mode of life of the family of Taras Franko, items of the interior, documents and works of Tars, Zinovii, Dariia and Roland Franko. The exposition dedicated to the children of Ivan Franko: Adnrii, Petro, Taras and Anna, whose life is also associated with Kyiv, is represented, as well.



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