About the Fund

About the Charitable Organization “Ivan Franko International Fund”

CO “Ivan Franko International Fund” was established in June 2015.

The Fund was initiated by ROLAND FRANKO (Ivan Franko’s grandson), Ihor Kurus and the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University.

Board of the Fund

VOLODYMYR BUGROV, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, rector of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Kyiv, Ukraine);

YAROSLAV HARASYM, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Lviv, Ukraine);

IHOR KURUS, Managing Director of the Fund (Kyiv, Ukraine);

SVIATOSLAV PYLYPCHUK, Doctor of Philology, Professor of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Lviv, Ukraine);

TAMARA SMOVZHENKO, Doctor of Economy, Chair of the Board of the Lviv Society in Kyiv (Kyiv, Ukraine);

IHOR SERDYUK, Doctor of History, Professor of the Poltava V.G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University (Poltava, Ukraine).

Our goal: by way of publicizing and promoting Ivan Franko’s scholarly and creative legacy, and via cultural diplomacy and international scientific exchange, to accomplish the mission of the Fund – to reveal Ukraine to the world.

Our task: to encourage the scholars and intellectuals from different countries worldwide to carry out up-to-date research in social science and humanities as well as Ukrainian studies in the global context. The Fund’s projects also aim to present the unbiased vision of the Ukrainian identity phenomenon to international scientific communities and thereby to develop critical thinking and strengthen democratic principles and evaluations in modern humanities and Ukrainian studies.

The Advisory Panel of the Fund is a group of 16 scholars and public figures from Ukraine, Austria, Italy, Slovakia and Poland.

Since 2015, the Fund has been awarding the Ivan Franko International Prize. The Prize has been awarded to:


His Beatitude Liubomyr Huzar (Ukraine)


Michael Moser, Professor of the Vienna University (Austria)

Oleh Shabliy, Professor of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Ukraine)


Johannes Remy, Professor of the Helsinki University (Finland),

Yaroslava Melnyk. Professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University (Ukraine)


Maria Gracia Bartolini, Associate Professor at the Department of Slavonic Languages of the University of Milan (Italy)


Ihor Serdyuk, Professor of the Poltava V.G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University (Ukraine)


Leonid Tymoshenko, Professor of the Drohobych Ivan Franko Pedagogical University (Ukraine)

For further information on the Prize winners follow the link https://frankoprize.com.ua/index.php/en/category/winners/

For further information on other Fund’s projects aimed at recovering the memory and memorabilia of Ivan Franko’s life please visit our official website www.frankoprize.com.ua and follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/frankofund

For annual statements of the Fund visit https://frankoprize.com.ua/index.php/uk/finansova-zvitnist/

Candidates for the Prize in 2023 https://frankoprize.com.ua/index.php/en/


Ivan Franko International Prize mentioned by outstanding people

“I am absolutely delighted that such an international fund exists because we do need it!… And God grant, this prize will develop and young scholars will be found who will tackle the issues which are for us, Ukrainians, of vital importance”.

His Beatitude Liubomyr Huzar,

Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church 2005-2011,

the first Laureate of the Ivan Franko International Prize in 2016.

“The top priority of the Fund is to award the Ivan Franko International Prize which allows us not only to know Franko better but most importantly to drive the scholars worldwide to carry out active humanitarian research in social science and humanities”

Roland Franko,

Ivan Franko’s grandson, co-founder of the Fund

“The Franko Prize is a rare blend in Ukrainian humanities of impartiality and virtue, profoundness and practicality, historical tradition and future perspective… I am positive that the way of the Franko Prize is the course of development of Ukrainian studies worldwide…”

Volodymyr Bugrov,

Rector of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv,

co-founder and Member of the Board of the Ivan Franko International Fund


“The Ivan Franko International Prize greatly facilitates efforts in the realm of humanities, motivates the scholars in Ukraine and beyond. Any involvement in the Prize is a great honour, as the high level of humanities is undoubtedly a stronghold of the Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian identity”.

Michael Moser,

President of the International Association of Ukrainian Studies,

Laureate of the Ivan Franko International Prize in 2017

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