Nomination for Significant Personal Contribution to the Development of Social Sciences

  • J. REMY (Finland)


A monograph « Brothers or Enemies:The Ukrainian National Movement and Russia, from the 1840s to the 1870s ».

  •  B. ANDRUSHKIV (Ternopil)


A book « Meteniv – the Way Home ».

  •  І. BEHEY (Lviv).

Рисунок3A study guide/ textbook: Legal Studies.

  • L. VOYTOVYCH (Lviv)

Рисунок4A monograph « Halych in the Political Life of Europe in the XI-XIV Centuries ».

  • S. PRYSUKHIN (Kyiv)


A monograph « Polyphony of the Culture of Life:Philosophical and Theological Heritage of John Paul II in Contemporary Discourse.The Religious Aspect ».

  • Several authors under the leadership of professor V. ANDRUSHCHENKO (Kyiv)


A series of works « A Discourse on Values in Education », consisting of 7 books. Book 1Book 2. Book 3. Book 4Book 5Book 6Book 7.

  • Yu. TAMASH (Serbia)


A monograph « Skladanje Identytetokh ».

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