Nomination for Significant Personal Contribution to the Development of Social Sciences

Vadym Adadurov  (Ukraine)

The monograph “The War between Civilisations: Socio-Cultural History of Napoleon’s Russian Campaign”. Vol. 1

Viktor Garkavko (Ukraine)

The monograph “Science about our daily bread ” (Agricultural Economy is the basis of the theoretical teaching of economics and organization of agricultural production).

Joanna Getka (Poland)

The monograph “U progu modernizacji. Ruskojęzyczne drukarstwo bazyliańskie
XVIII wieku” (eng. „At the threshold of modernization. Ruthenian-language Basilian printing of the 18th century”).

 Bohdan Hud (Ukraine)

The monograph “From the History of Etno-Social Conflicts: Ukrainians and Poles in Naddnipryanshchyna (Dnieper Ukraine), Volhynia, and Eastern Galicia at the beginning of the 19th – 1st half of 20th century.”

Bogdan M. Punko (Ukraine)

The monograph “International business” (educational-scientific publication for universities).

Bogdan M. Punko (Ukraine)

The monograph “Antiphilosophy of politics” (scientific journalistic edition, genre-scientific and journalistic literature fact)

Volodymyr Serhiychuk (Ukraine)

The monograph “The Holodomor of 1932-1933: the Ukrainian Genocide”

Iryna Chugaieva (Ukraine)

The monograph “Chernihiv chronicle writing of XI – XIII centuries: historiographical myth or historical source?”

V. V. Holina, M. H. Kolodiazhnyj, S. S. Shramko et al. (Ukraine)

The monograph “Public in crime prevention: national and international experience” .

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