Ivan Franko

Ivan Franko is a rare and unique example of universal genius within the context of the world as well as in Ukrainian history – an all-round man and harmoniously developed personality who managed to unlock his potential not in one, but in many areas of culture and science. Great artist of the word, politician, scientist, philosopher, ethnographer and folklorist, prominent literary critic, essayist and translator, playwright and passionate tribune of the people – that is just who Ivan Franko is.

Ivan Franko is the author of numerous research papers on history and theory of literature, literary criticism, methodology and comparative studies, bibliography, book science, library science, linguistics, translation studies, journalism studies, folklore studies, ethnology, ethnography, cultural, art and religious studies, history, economics, sociology, statistics, law, political science, pedagogy, psychology, philosophy and descriptive natural sciences.

Contribution of Ivan Franko as a scientist in the creation and codification of many sectors of the national terminology and, more broadly – in the processes of intellectualization and functional-stylistic development of Ukrainian language is invaluable. Without any exaggeration, Franko may be called one of the main creators of Ukrainian scientific language.
Being a philosopher, Ivan Franko developed his own version of positivist conception of social progress and classification of sciences; he was a pioneer in the popularization of modern natural science knowledge, discoveries in astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, in particular the theory of evolution.

Ivan Franko`s heritage includes integral historical-cultural concept of organic integrity and historical continuity of Ukrainian culture in chronological and ethnographic borders of its distribution. Ivan Franko laid scientific foundations of the theory and practice of intercultural communication, incessant and multidimensional dialogue between Ukrainians and representatives of other peoples and civilizations types.

In general, according to the aggregate data of bibliographic indexes, the scientist is the author of about 3 thousand scientific researches. Fluency in fourteen foreign languages enabled him to translate into Ukrainian language about 200 authors from 14 languages and 37 national literatures.

Fanatical diligence of Ivan Franko and persistence in achieving his goals resulted in a tremendous creative heritage – about 6000 works of literature!

Exceptional creative successes of Ivan Franko as a scientist is evidenced by wide recognition in the scientific world (Doctor`s Degree in Philosophy obtained in the University of Vienna, the degree of doctor honoris causa of Kharkiv University, membership in many Slavic scientific societies, numerous publications in Europe’s most prestigious scientific journals). Ivan Franko has become a universal doctor and Ukrainian Moses, man of action in the sphere of Europeanization and intellectualization of Ukraine, production and dissemination of scientific knowledge, intercultural dialogue and national consciousness.

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