Requirements for the scientific papers

The following documents should be obligatory attached to the application for winning the Prize:

a) decision of an academic institution or higher education institution to submit research paper for winning the Prize;

b) certificate on the person whose research paper is submitted for winning the Prize;

c) research paper: research, monograph, thesis, books, lecture series, collection of scientific publications in periodic editions, etc. submitted for winning the Prize;

d) the scientific work shall be submitted in 3 printed PDF duplicates, with the right to send the scientific work to the Members of the Nomination Committee, Members of the Expert Council and Jury;

e) the extended abstract to the scientific work being submitted for the Prize;

f) personal written consent of the author (authors) of the scientific work to participate in the competition for the Prize.

Works claiming to win the Prize shall be published during the year when the beginning of submission of the documents submission for the Prize was announced or for two previous years. The books shall contain ISBN.

The abstract to the scientific work shall specify a scientific discipline to which the work relates or disciplines in case the work has an interdisciplinary nature.

Documents shall be submitted in care of the address of the Prize Committee indicated in the announcement on the submission of documents for winning the Prize as well as sent in electronic form. Hard copies of the research paper shall be initialed by their author.

Scientific reviews and extended abstracts on the research papers recommended for participation in winning the Prize shall be made in Ukrainian and English.

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